Considering the quailty they carry the prices are amazing. Soup is good too. Very nice people wonderful
service. Awesome sales and local grown fruit and veg. Weird and wonderful veg too.

Gillian Mitchellregular customer

‘Vegan and gluten-free paradisell had the most AMAZING smoothie (mom had the “best coffee ever”)
this morning and filled bags with healthy, affordable, organic and/or locally grown food! They are also
one of less than 2 dozen pilot markets for Florida’s Fresh Access bucks for EBT holders!

Shannon Blackerbyregular customer

Perhaps one of the best coffee we have tasted in Florida.

Eva Altregular customer

A gem in the middle of downtown New Port Richey. Wright’s is not only a great local grocer, who happen
to make use of our abundance of locally owned farms, but they also serve espresso and kombucha on

On Sundays make sure to check out the farmer’s market right outside.

Jacob Freidregular customer